Try thatDot Novelty Detector For Free

thatDot Anomaly Detector is available from AWS Marketplace as a container configured via a CloudFormation script, or directly from thatDot as a .jar file, container or thatDot provisioned instance on AWS.

Try the real-time anomaly detector for free on AWS Marketplace


*AWS service fees may apply if you don’t use a free tier 

1. Subscribe to thatDot Anomaly Detector on AWS Marketplace (can take 3-5 minutes to complete)

2. Launch the CloudFormation template.

  • Accept all default settings
  • “Click” IAM user update acknowledgement
  • Allow Cloudformation instantiation to finish (5 mins)
  • Copy application URL from “Output” tab in Console
  • Paste URL in browser to access Anomaly Detector

3. Review the Usage Guide.

Try thatDot Novelty Detector In Your Preferred Data Center

Simple Deployment And Operation

thatDot Novelty Detector is deployed to either a single container or custom server—in the cloud or on premise, and then available for user interaction via web APIs. The core technology runs on the JVM and can be deployed as a .jar or container in virtually any environment.

For custom deployment, see the Configuration Guide.

To use Novelty Detector the only interaction needed is to call a single API endpoint, passing in an array of strings as the observation. A JSON object is returned indicating the score for that particular observation and any additional relevant data.

For details on how to use Novelty Detector with your data, see the Usage Guide.